honeyBeeResidential/commercial properties are prone to insect activity wether it’s Ants/crickets/centipedes/bees/wasps/hornets/etc. Exposed cracks and crevices on the exterior of houses, buildings, sheds, allow insects access into wall voids. Ornamental plants on property offer a food source. Excessive mulch, under stones, and other landscaping can provide sheltering sites to forage. All a pest needs is food, water, shelter and they find that in and around our homes and property.
My approach is to ID the pest

On-site inspection fees range from $35.00-$75.00. Range depends on scope of inspection. Inspections that cover both Interior and Exterior are $75.00. Attic inspections are $75.00.

Inspection Fee waived if service is performed

Our services include:

Hive Extraction522948_362043443858124_425638445_n
Removing Swarms from trees and bushes
Stinging Insect proofing
Structural pest proofing for residential and commercial properties
Parks & Recreation Centers
Insecticide Application/Habitat Alteration
Attic Exclusion and Removal Service


Service Locations:

Anne Arundel County
Arlington County
Fairfax County
Howard County
Montgomery County
Prince George’s County


No services in DC